The Daily Grind Video

The life of a celebrity chef appears to be just as sweet as it sounds.

Step into the world of Chef Huda. The multi-faceted talent has conquered the culinary world while also establishing a name for herself in business and media. Now, she’s offering us the opportunity to follow her daily routine.

In the video, Huda shops local food markets in preparation for an intimate affair she’s planning for a Washington, D.C. client. Somehow, she even manages to squeeze in time to mentor youth apprentices and perform her own magic in the kitchen.

Clearly, Chef Huda is a certified boss and she’s got the right vehicle to carry her through it all. Traveling in her 2016 Nissan Rogue, Huda is able to transport food and supplies with the ample space created by EZ Flex seating and the class exclusive Divide and Hide cargo system.

Not even rush-hour traffic is a match for Huda. She easily dodges the D.C. congestion with the Advanced Drive Assist display. Fortunately, her fragile cargo is protected through ADAD’s blind spot warning, intelligent cruise control, forward collision warning, and forward emergency breaking.

Indulge in the life of Celebrity Chef Huda in the video up top.