Instead of having your usual dinner for the holidays this year, spice it up and introduce a new cuisine to the menu. There are many unconventional ways to celebrate the holidays from the decor we choose, the gifts we share and the meals we prepare. Try something "new" with these meal ideas for your holiday dinner this year. 

  After so many years in the industry, Diddy is use to getting hit with random lawsuits by now — but none like the recent claims made against him. The music mogul is being sued by his former chef Cindy Rueda, for allegedly making her serve him up post-sex meals. According to TMZ, Rueda says she was “regularly […]

Step into the world of Chef Huda. The multi-faceted talent has conquered the culinary world while also establishing a name for herself in business and media. Now, she's offering us the opportunity to follow her daily routine.

If you have a Facebook, Twitter or smartphone, then chances are you’ve seen Auntie Fee, aka Chef Sista Girl, aka Felicia O’Dell. This Los Angeles chef on a budget has taken the internet by storm, showing us how to feed seven people on less than $5, making culinary masterpieces like spring rolls filled with dollar store […]