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If you have a Facebook, Twitter or smartphone, then chances are you’ve seen Auntie Fee, aka Chef Sista Girl, aka Felicia O’Dell.

This Los Angeles chef on a budget has taken the internet by storm, showing us how to feed seven people on less than $5, making culinary masterpieces like spring rolls filled with dollar store french fries, and pork chops and chicken smothered in parsley – because that motherf**king herb makes anything taste good.

Oh, did we mention she curses more than a voodoo-priestess-sailor hybrid?

So in honor of Auntie Fee, we came up with a few culinary ideas we’d like to see her make, and we’re also requesting videos for some of the stuff she’s already made. Take a look!

1. Spaghetti — After Mama June and Honey Boo Boo’s Sketti captured the imagination of Americans, we are dying to see if Auntie Fee can give us an even more budget-friendly version of this pasta dish.

2. The Hamburger — This would be better than McDonald’s. A big black pan from under the stove, green peppers, onions, eggs, and chopped meat served on white bread.

3. “Roman” Noodles –– Because if she can feed seven people on $3.35, she has to have some more magical Ramen noodle recipes.

4. A Pork Lawn — Here’s the herb stuffed pork loin she made before her videos took off:

5. Macaroni and Cheese — Because fat people and kids love cheese.

6. Patron Party Cups –– Not sure what’s in these sweet treats, but we like anything with tequila.

7. Kool-Aid on Roller Skates — We need a video for this one – stat. Judging by the color if we drink this, we gon’ be lit!


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