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A Detroit cop is in hot water after making offensive remarks about Beyonce‘s Super Bowl 50 halftime performance and her backup dancers. A sergeant for the Detroit Police Department posted a photo on Facebook contrasting the singer’s dancers with an image of the Ku Klux Klan in what can only be assumed to be a swipe at the Black Panthers-inspired imagery.

Local outlet WJBK reports:

A Detroit police sergeant’s Facebook post has sparked a Detroit police internal investigation.

The post read: “If the dance troupe at the top is okay for this year’s half-time show, then the one at a bottom should be okay for next year, right?” Pictures coinciding with the text showed Beyonce’s back up dancers as the first picture and the second picture showed the Ku Klux Klan. Many have speculated Beyonce’s dancers were styled to resemble the Black Panther Party in honor of the group’s 50th anniversary.

“I received calls indirect and direct from employees throughout the organization troubled by it,” Chief of Police James Craig said. “Certainly this does not and shouldn’t represent our police officers.”

Chief Craig went on to add that the sergeant’s post was “problematic” and noted that the force oversees a city that is 80 percent African-American. The post has been removed and apology went up in its place.

Beyonce’s performance has prompted impassioned responses from detractors who were initially angered by the singer’s recent “Formation” video and their perception that it promoted violence against police.White feminists also called out the video for what they perceived as a dividing line in their movement.

Further, groups have been forming across the country to protest the performance. A large protest is planned for Feb. 16 at the NFL’s New York headquarters.


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