Heavy-hitter Cardi B, Houston hottie Megan Thee Stallion, and newcomer Flo Milli all released captivating visuals to accompany their singles this week. The new girls are giving the world choreography in their latest music video, and the Internet is swooning.

Beyoncé and her team are not budging when it comes to a lawsuit against her involving the diseased New Orleans rapper Messy Mya. As you might recall, earlier this year, the estate of Anthony Barre, a.k.a Messy Mya, sued Beyoncé for using his voice without their permission in the intro to her “Formation” music video. They […]

Beyoncé doesn’t just have the support of her die-hard fans — her friends and family are dedicated as well. On Monday, for the superstar’s 36th birthday, a bunch of her closest people got creative on how they would honor the queen on her day. Tina Knowles, Blue Ivy and some of Bey’s famous friends each […]

Just when you thought that Barack and Michelle Obama were tapped out for good, the former First Lady proved that she is still aware of what’s going on in the country — both good and bad. On Tuesday, Mrs. O took to Instagram to praise Beyoncé after the singer announced her Formation Scholarship Program for young women. The […]

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This announcement comes as part of the music icon’s celebration of the one-year anniversary of 'Lemonade.'

Another way that Beyoncé deals with the lemons that life gives her is by facing them head on. The singer is clapping back at the $20 million dollar lawsuit accusing her of ripping off New Orleans artist, Messy Mya, by demanding the case be thrown out of court. The New York Daily News reports that Bey filed […]

The new lawsuit states that Queen Bey stole a famous recorded line from a dead New Orleans rapper and then sampled it in her song "Formation."

The comedian is digging herself out of the deep hole she dug after recreating Beyoncé's "Formation" video.

Did Schumer disrespect Beyonce by recreating "Formation?" Find out inside.

Although America has come a long way when it comes to sexuality, certain communities still aren't as open as others.