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Beyonce 'The Formation World Tour' - Closing Night In East Rutherford

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Another way that Beyoncé deals with the lemons that life gives her is by facing them head on.

The singer is clapping back at the $20 million dollar lawsuit accusing her of ripping off New Orleans artist, Messy Mya, by demanding the case be thrown out of court. The New York Daily News reports that Bey filed paperwork Friday asking a federal judge in Louisiana to dismiss the case, arguing that her team followed the rules when they sampled the voice and lyrics of the murdered rapper, whose real name was Anthony Barré.

According to the filing, the Lemonade singer says her camp licensed the YouTube videos from Mr. Barré’s family and Barré’s sister “had herself appointed as the administrator of the estate of Anthony Barré.” The paperwork also states that “Even in the absence of a license, however, the use of 10 or fewer seconds of audio from the YouTube videos is protected by the fair-use doctrine.” It went on, saying that Beyoncé then “transformed” the raw material “in the creation of new information, new aesthetics, new insights and understandings… (the) very type of activity that the fair-use doctrine intends to protect for the enrichment of society.”

As you may recall, the lawsuit against Bey and her team claimed that “Mr. Barré’s estate has received nothing — no acknowledgment, no credit, no remuneration of any kind” for “Formation.”

In other words, Beyoncé is a businesswoman who’s been in the game for many years — she most likely has all her ducks in a row.

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