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Although All-Star Weekend has ended and every player retreated back to their franchise city, the playoff race continues.

Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat, however, is facing more important issues; the blood clots that began in his calf and traveled to his lungs may be getting worse. The 31-year-old missed the All-Star Game because of a calf strain, but it was later determined the injury stemmed from a blood clot issue.

The 11-time All-Star met with Heat physicians on Monday, but will get a further evaluation from the doctors on Thursday to determine if his symptoms are manageable enough so that he can still play in the league. He was prescribed blood thinners last year and took them for seven months. However, doctors are often hesitant to allow a patient on such medications to participate in sports where there is physical contact. Despite not being able to handle the high-paced action of the All-Star game, Bosh also pulled out of the 3-point contest.

According to Yahoo, there was more optimism about Bosh’s condition in Miami on Monday than during All-Star Weekend in Toronto.

As Bosh missed 30 games last season and has managed to stay fairly healthy this season, averaging 19 points, we hope he makes a full recovery and is still able to participate in the sport he loves.


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