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We have to admit, Kanye West has been one busy guy as of late.

From the release of his latest album T.L.O.P. to the launch of clothing line Yeezy Season 3, the thought that Kanye may be a little sleep deprived is not unbelievable.

In fact, his wife Kim Kardashian posted a flick on Sunday of the rapper asleep, in the middle of a store while shopping with John Legend and Chrissy Teigen for baby furniture. The cutest part about it, his sidekick Nori was right by his side napping as well.

And because social media users have no chill, people took Kanye’s photo and had a field day with it.

Thus the creation of Kanye’s always sleep photos came to be.

Here we have Kanye taking a selfie while sleep:

Kanye and Keanu Reeves bonding on a bench:

Kim and Kanye:

Full of chips Kanye:

Kanye and the Pope in deep conversation:

And, a personal favorite Ikea instructions Kanye:

Which one do you find the funniest? Comment and let us know!


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