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This weight-gain diet is something serious.

We all know that dropping pounds is easier said than done. But after viewing the following diet-plan from Adonis Hill, who gained seventy pounds in order to lose weight with his client, packing on the pounds doesn’t look all that fun either.

Featured in GQ Magazine, Adonis opened up about the process, which included indulging in heavy meals from breakfast to dinner, and everything in between. A diet consisting of Big Macs, donuts, and bagels with cream cheese helped Adonis gain the first 50 pounds. A gallon of soda per day sealed the deal on the final 20.

One thing I was nervous about was getting addicted to these foods again and the depression. The last time I was big I was struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts. And, superficially, I was worried about the man boobs,” said Adonis, who once weighed in at 310 pounds.

Adonis avoided doing any exercises during his four-month binge period. For his episode on A&E’s Fit To Fat To Fit, the trainer began to shed the weight through a strict high-fat, high-protein, low-starch diet, and implemented a single cheat-hour after three weeks.

Now, Adonis is back to looking better than ever and he plans to travel the country to spread awareness about obesity. Check out his full weight-gain diet plan below.


Coffee and cake


Chips or a donut


Three $1 pizza slices


Sleeve of Oreos, double stuffed


Two Big Macs, fries, apple pie


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