New Year's resolutions always sound awesome in the moment, but unfortunately most people never stick to them.

Many of our celebrity favorites like Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid are joining the trend and welcoming a new plant-based lifestyle. Here's a list of celebrities who are going into the new year with a brand new outlook on health and wellness. 

Google is taking inclusion seriously—so seriously, in fact, the tech company has removed the egg from their salad emoji to make vegans feel more welcome. Anyone else giggling just a little? As you can imagine, vegans feel right at home while the rest of the internet thinks vegans, and Google for that matter, are extra […]

Vegans are out here living life, eating healthy, and searching for the latest quinoa recipe.  There’s a lot of misconceptions on what it means to be vegan, but we’re here to tell you, it doesn’t mean you have to completely rid yourself of a unique lifestyle. For #WorldVeganDay, swipe through our list of ten sexy […]

The new mom took to Twitter to share the news that she'd adopted a vegan lifestyle, but the move wasn't exactly going as planned.


In case you missed it, Beyonce Knowles shared her secret for keeping a flawless body with Good Morning America on Monday morning — a vegan diet. While fans were expecting a new album, single, or even a baby announcement, the infamous BeyHive showed their disappointment about the huge reveal via the internet. But news of Beyonce’s meatless food fare isn’t really […]

Kim Kardashian is one of the most talked about names in Hollywood, and even across the world these days, arguably because her family’s reality television show has been one of the most watched of all-time. In real life, things are pretty hectic for the 33-year-old socialite, but she seems to enjoy every second of being a […]