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It never fails.

When the New Year is upon us, people are so eager to transform themselves, shed some terrible habit they’ve had practically all their lives, and take the opportunity to put a bad – or just plain old mediocre – year behind them. In order to do so, they promise to be the best version of themselves in the year to come.

New Year’s resolutions always sound awesome in the moment, but unfortunately most people don’t stick to them, and even if they do stay committed for a respectable amount of time, very few achieve their goals – approximately 8 percent each year, according to research done at the University of Scranton.

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2022 is here and we just know people all over the nation are swearing by last-minute resolutions they’re NOT ready to commit to so suddenly. In light of this, we prepared a list of New Year’s resolutions we’re tired of… because although they are great and admirable goals, we’d bet our bottom dollar they’ll be discarded once the New Year’s hype is over. Especially if not a lot of planning went into ’em beforehand.

Check out our cliché resolutions below and let us know if you’re making any this year.

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1. I will stop drinking.

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Everyone swears they’re going to quit drinking after a bad bender. If you suspect you are suffering from alcoholism, a resolution isn’t going to cut it — seeking professional help is a better way to get serious about your goal. If alcohol addiction isn’t your issue, maybe start with learning your limit and making strides to stick to it.

2. I will save more money.

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This is a great goal, but trying to save money with no plan and a mountain of expenses that haven’t changed, is a lofty promise at best. Where can you cut spending? What investments can you make that will pay off down the line? Ask yourself the questions that matter.

3. I’ll wake up earlier every day and be productive all day, every day.

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This resolution is a procrastinator’s dream… no one is productive every day all day, so they’re setting themselves up to fail and they know it. What is the sleep pattern that feels best for you? And, how can you adjust your schedule so that you’re getting enough rest, enough me-time and getting things done? It’s about knowing when you feel at your best — if you feel good, you’ll show up for yourself more and you’ll naturally be more productive.

4. I will stop procrastinating.

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Speaking of.. we had to add this one to our list, specifically. Chances are you’re not getting rid of this old habit all willy nilly. You need to be precise… what is one project you wanted to begin and work diligently on? Let’s start there.

5. I will eat healthy and lose weight.

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Here’s another chance to be more specific if you’re serious about attaining your goals. What does eating healthy look like to you and how can you start off slowly, so that you don’t overwhelm yourself and tank the mission? How much weight do you want to lose and why? Be honest with yourself and go from there.

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