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Source: STARZ / Starz

There was a lot to unpack in Sunday’s episode of Power Book II: Ghost.

“Coming Home To Roost” sees Tariq’s sins catch up with him — with the help of Professor Carrie Milgram and the wire his girlfriend is wearing, detectives begin to suspect Tariq is the student who’s been dealing drugs at Stansfield University. Since Cane has secretly planted Detective Ramirez’s badge in Tariq’s dorm room drawer, authorities connect him to Ramirez’s disappearance (and Professor Jabari Reynolds’ for that matter, as Reynolds was killed with Ramirez’s gun). Tariq, who is arrested for homicide right after winning temporary custody of his little sister, then receives a message in jail delivered by his late father’s lawyer. The quick note is a quip from beyond the grave, courtesy of his dad Ghost. In what might be the pettiest Power franchise moment ever, it reads: “I knew you’d end up here, lil n*gga. Right where you belong.”

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Elsewhere in the intense episode, Monet plays Cane and Tariq against each other, charging Tariq with retrieving information about Cane’s connect while getting Cane to figure out Tariq’s weaknesses. Tariq is found out and beat by one of Mecca’s soldiers, but is ultimately able to deliver Mecca’s name to Monet. Meanwhile, Mecca has been dangling a whole new life in front of Monet, complete with trust funds for all of her kids and a way out of the drug game — he just wants to meet his son, Zeke.

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Little does Monet know, her husband Lorenzo Tejada is on his way home from prison. With the help of attorney Cooper Saxe, he’s been freed… Monet walks in her home only to realize Lorenzo is back.

How will she juggle two dangerous (and fine AF) men in her life? We’ll just have to wait and see.