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Selling Tampa Production Stills and Cast Portraits

Source: Netflix / Netflix

Selling Tampa took reality tv by storm when it premiered on Netflix last Wednesday, December 15, and of course fans already have their favorites.

Amongst the top most-loved personalities are Allure Realty owner Sharelle Rosado, H.R. a.k.a Juawana Williams, and real estate agent Colony Reeves. From the very beginning, Colony had all the makings of a star — she’s beautiful, her ‘fits are flawless, and she doesn’t hold back when she’s got something to say.

Throughout season one, fans got to see a lot of different sides to Colony, who we’d describe as authentic, hardworking, and just a tad bit shady (in the best way). We saw her delivering when other agents couldn’t; she stayed true to Sharelle when another Allure agent tried to poach her for a new real estate company; she was supportive of Juawana when she found out she and her husband separated; and, she worked things out with her friend and fellow agent, Anne, when she felt like Anne was disloyal to the agency.

Not only have fans been feeling Colony, they’ve also noted that she gives off major Toni Childs vibes — you know, from Girlfriends.

We’ve got to say… they’re not wrong.

Check out more photos of Colony below, plus the official Selling Tampa synopsis and trailer for those who haven’t tuned in just yet. We’re obsessed.

Synopsis: Along the Florida coast, Allure Realty stands out among the crowd. Owned by military vet Sharelle Rosado, this all Black, all female real estate firm has its eyes set on dominating the Suncoast. These ladies are equally as fun as they are fiercely ambitious, with all of them vying to be on top of the lavish world of luxury waterfront real estate. Sharelle has big plans for her brokerage and won’t let anyone or anything get in the way of making her dreams a reality.

1. She’s a stunner.

2. “You can try baby, but you’ll never do it like me.”

3. Braided and beautiful.

4. Her 30th birthday.

5. Gorgeous.

6. “Be happy in real life.” A word.

7. Get into it.

8. We see you, beautiful.

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