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White people, you have to stop.

Since snatching our afro wigs and throwing Cheddar Bay biscuits into the Super Bowl stands while performing her new single “Formation,” Beyonce’s been ridiculed, threatened, and accused of being “racist” and “anti-cop” by White conservatives, right-wing pundits, and law enforcement unions.

Apparently, the imagery of a young Black boy dancing in front a SWAT team and making them throw their hands up in protest to stop killing unarmed Black men is “anti-cop,” and dressing your background dancers in black bodysuits, berets, and afro wigs is “racist.”

Despite Fox News making a fuss about Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance, most White people in America enjoyed seeing Beysus slay on their TV screens. Oblivious to its empowering message, millions of White Americans danced along in their living rooms, but now it appears some of y’all are taking it too damn far.

About a half-dozen White cover artists thought it was a good idea to record themselves singing Beyonce’s “Formation” and upload it to their YouTube channels. Does it not make you, a White person, uncomfortable to sing, “I like my negro nose and Jackson 5 nostrils” on YouTube? Or what about, “You mix that negro with that Creole make a Texas ‘Bama?”

Am I tripping?

There’s just some things you shouldn’t do in life and this is one of them. I know everyone loves Beyonce, but there’s a better way to celebrate Black culture than singing about negro noses, yellow bones, and Black baby hair afros.

If you’ve got the time to be entertained and offended at the same damn time, check out these covers below.

Joey Kirchner’s Country Cover

Jonny Hetherington Piano Cover

For added spice, Olivia King decided to mash-up Rihanna’s “Work” with Beyonce’s “Formation”

Max Milian’s cover

Acoustic guitar cover

And we just don’t even know what this is….

This one’s terrible too.

SOURCE: YouTube, Twitter | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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