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Next Wednesday, VH1 will air an episode featuring the recently deceased Angela “Big Ang” Raoila. In the episode, Angela will discuss her happiness at beating cancer and her devotion to “live every day to the fullest.” She passed earlier this year on February 18th. [PEOPLE]

Caitlyn Jenner recently discussed her like of Ted Cruz, despite Ted’s problematic views on trans issues. Caitlyn stopped just short of an endorsement, but would consider becoming a “trans ambassador” if Ted Cruz became the POTUS. [PEOPLE]

Morgan Freeman is apparently a fan of Justin Bieber and, during the promotion of London Has Fallen, recently did a dramatic reading of one of Justin’s songs, “Love Yourself.” If the idea of Morgan Freeman reading Justin Bieber sounds hilarious, rest assured, it’s even funnier when you hear it. [EW]

Power Rangers, a Saturday morning staple from the 90s, is set for a reboot. The movie, starring Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa, is due out in 2017 and features a diverse cast that “was a very important part of the whole process.” [EW]


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