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UPDATE: Thursday March 24 12:40 P.M.

The teen involved in the fight with Katt Williams has finally come forward to tell his side of the story.

Seventeen-year-old Luke Walsh told The Daily Mail, “He took me over to a secluded area and asked me to hit him and I was like, ‘I’m not just going to hit you. You want to square up?’ And then he sucker-punched me so I did what I did.

Walsh even says that he tried to shake his hand after the altercation, to which Katt responded, “back off me little boy.”

As Katt Williams continues to find himself embroiled in disputes, the full video of him getting into a fight with a minor has surfaced.

The brawl began during a soccer match outside Atlanta, when Katt decided to play a pick up game with the kids and a seventh grader stepped to him, according to TMZ.

The Snapchat video, which has since been uploaded to YouTube, starts with Katt arguing with a young man before he quickly punches him in the face. After the punch, the two wrestle on the ground and the teen eventually gets Katt in a chokehold. Onlookers soon jump in and convince the young man to let the comedian go.

While still on the ground (and catching his breath), Katt says, “I got sons. Get away from me little boy. We’re the same size.”

TMZ reports:

Law enforcement sources tell us the police have reviewed the video and have launched a criminal investigation with Katt as the target. Katt, who is also on bail for multiple assault charges, is currently out on bail but one of the conditions is that he keeps his nose clean. The police are also reviewing the bail order to determine if he violated and whether bail should be revoked. 

Watch the video in full up top. Hopefully Katt finds the help he needs to get back on the right path.

SOURCE: TMZ, Daily Mail | VIDEO SOURCE: YouTube 

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