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Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe is giving over 200,000 convicted felons the opportunity to vote again. This announcement follows the state’s long history of the civil war provision that prohibited African Americans from voting. [The Shade Room]

Three people were injured in a shooting that occurred during prom at a Wisconsin high school. The shooter arrived at the school with a rifle and began shooting at two people outside of the building. Those injured are currently being treated at the local hospital. [Chicago Tribune]

A woman in the center of a Flint water crisis lawsuit was found dead inside of a townhouse earlier. Police say they have one person in connection to the shooting but have yet to file any charges. [M Live]

Ted Cruz doppleganger was offered a $10,000 porn deal by the popular porn site The site wants the woman to perform sexual acts with her husband for 6 minutes in order to receive the money. [The Shade Room]