Guard your grills, literally. A woman in Wisconsin was arrested earlier this week after shoving a teen McDonald’s employee into the fryer over an incorrect order. Surveillance footage shows the customer receiving her order at the drive-thru window, but instead of receiving the bacon biscuit she wanted, the customer mistakenly received a sausage biscuit. She’s […]

According to USA Today, it’s lit in North Dakota! Wondering where the big cities finish on this list? New York surprisingly comes in 20th and California is 22nd in the race for which state is the drunkest. See the chart up top for more.

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe is giving over 200,000 convicted felons the opportunity to vote again & more


Matt Kenny, the Madison, Wis. police officer named in the fatal shooting death of 19-year-old Tony Robinson, has been cleared of any wrongdoing after the findings.


UPDATE: Tuesday May 12, 4:00 PM ET – In a Tuesday press conference, District Attorney Ismael Ozanne announced that the Wisconsin officer who shot and killed an unarmed Tony Robinson used lawful deadly force. Officer Matt Kenny will face no charges in Robinson’s death. In great detail, Ozanne outlined the events leading up to the shooting, […]

A group of basketball players from Wisconsin were praised by classmates for defending a bullied cheerleader with down syndrome during a recent game. According to Bleacher Report, the teens were playing at Lincoln Middle School on Monday when they noticed Desiree Andrews being teased during her routine. Quickly taking action, the teens walked off the court to calmly tell […]

A cop in Madison, Wisconsin shot and killed a 19-year-old black teenager named Tony Robinson last night, according to reports. Buzzfeed states: Madison Police Chief Mike Koval said during a news conference that the shooting happened after officers responded to reports of a man “jumping in and out of traffic, dodging cars and the like.” Police […]

A man from Friendship, Wisconsin is behind bars after blaming his tenth DUI on his lunch–beer battered fish. John Przybyla was stopped by the police in October after they noticed him driving erratically. After failing the sobriety test, Przybyla took the attention away from the beer can in his passenger seat, claiming it was really his lunch that […]