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The Weeknd is back in the lab with the same team he used to create his project House of Balloons. Balloons proved to be instrumental and served as a launchpad for his career. Weeknd feels very strongly about the project saying “nothing sounded like what we were doing, because R&B was hard to listen to back then,” he explains. “The genre was dying.” Taylor Swift and Naomi Campbell backed up those sentiments. Taylor said the radio is peppered with hints of production elements and vocal stylings that were very likely inspired by The Weeknd.” Naomi said what she loved most about the artist is that “the music speaks for itself.”



To the surprise of no one, Fabolous just let loose a “Panda” freestyle. This is right up Fab’s alley. If there’s a new beat climbing the charts and getting play everywhere, one can bet a couple of “16s” from Fabolous aren’t far behind. If you like Fab, this should be an exciting moment for you. If you don’t, then do whatever it is you normally do when you see his name next to a song.

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Even though Prince is dead, his music will still live on. In 2014, Kendrick Lamar was invited to perform with Prince at Paisley Park. The concert was livestreamed because it’s clear the entire world can’t fit inside the performance area. Anybody who managed to miss both the concert AND the livestream is in for a treat, as the above video is a recording of the performance. The two are seen together performing a cover of 1998’s “What’s My Name.” As a great man once said, “legends never die.”

SOURCE: Miss Info

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