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Didn’t think we could dislike this man any more, and then he does the unthinkable – request to see his alleged victim’s medical records.

Dr. Luke has reportedly filed a motion to see Kesha’s medical records in an attempt to discredit her claims of sexual assault.

Page Six reports:

Music producer Dr. Luke is demanding Kesha’s medical records to disprove the singer’s claim that he raped her — a move that could have a chilling effect on sexual-assault victims seeking treatment, the singer’s lawyers say.

Luke, whose real name is Lukasz Gottwald, says in a new Manhattan court filing that the singer “unambiguously waived” any therapist-patient privilege when she tried to break her recording contract citing “physical, emotional and sexual trauma inflicted by Mr. Gottwald.

If a judge grants Dr. Luke’s request, it could set a devastating precedent for other victims of sexual assault who will have their privacy violated once again by the judicial system.

Despite the trauma she’s endured over the past few years, Kesha has returned to the studio and is recording new music. She’s also set to appear at the Billboard Music Awards this weekend.


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