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Twitter might be updating the site to give users more characters when they post pictures and links. Currently, the character limit is 140 characters. Every character in the tweet counts against the limit.

“Twitter is reportedly planning to update that limit in a non-trash way by no longer including photos and links in the total count. The rumored update, revealed to Bloomberg Monday by an anonymous source, is expected to roll out within the next two weeks.”

SOURCE: Complex

Nintendo hasn’t been doing very well with their home consoles. They’re currently looking at a whopping sixty-one percent drop in profits from around this time last year. As they figure out creative ways to improve that bottom line, like going into mobile games, it looks like they’re set to make a return to the silver screen.

“Nintendo is “in talks with various film companies on a possible partnership” that could bring iconic Nintendo franchises such as Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, and Donkey Kong to the big screen. The company reportedly plans to invest a big chunk of money into a movie-making venture once it sells off its majority ownership stake in the MLB’s Seattle Mariners.”

SOURCE: Complex

A bison calf was euthanized after tourists put it in the back of their car to “keep it warm.”

“The calf couldn’t be placed in a zoo or animal farm, Reid says, because park regulations prohibit moving wild animals out of Yellowstone.”

The park rangers said the bison would need to be quarantined if it was going to be placed in a zoo. “Our job here is not to rescue animals, but to maintain the ecological processes and integrity of this wild place. Yellowstone isn’t a zoo.”


Ben Carson might have just outed the Donald Trump’s Vice-President list.

“Carson apparently spilled the beans to a Post reporter who accompanied the former GOP hopeful and his wife, Candy, as they traveled in a Town Car to a televised interview in Washington, D.C. After the reporter told Carson a new Morning Consult poll found that the former surgeon was the best-liked candidate on a list of potential running mates for Trump, Carson asked who else had made the list.”

It’s good to see Ben Carson making a political impact. (That was sarcasm.)


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