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Ever wondered how Jennifer Lopez achieves her flawless physique?

Fortunately for us, the pop icon has revealed the secret to her enviable assets. And she couldn’t have done so at a better time, as we all just marked the unofficial start of summer over MDW.

As you prepare your bikini body for the beach trips ahead, J.Lo spills on how she maintains her fit figure in an interview with E! In the clip, the 46-year-old says the credit lies with celebrity trainer Tracey Anderson.

With Tracey’s help, Jennifer works out five days a week. Her sessions generally run from 45 minutes to one hour.

While Tracey’s workouts focus around dance and choreography, Jennifer also sees trainer David Kirsch for a routine around weights and lifting. All of this is in addition to the strenuous schedule she’s already on during her residency in Las Vegas.

So, if you want J.Lo’s bod, get ready to put the work in.


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