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Kylie Jenner and Tyga are prepping for another round of their on-again/off-again relationship.

The pair has broken up and gotten back together so many times in the past two years, we’ve lost count. After Kylie’s rumored new bae, PARTYNEXTDOOR, released his video “Come & See Me” on Thursday starring the lip-kit maven, Tyga must have felt some type of way.

He took to Instagram to show off the fact that he got his girl back, simply writing, “They always come back…”, with a photo of Kylie sitting on a bed, covering her smile.

Of course Tyga deleted the post, but Kylie posted a photo of her own of herself in the same room, same dress, and around the same time he posted the revenge-themed pic.

Tyga must’ve taken a page from PND’s book, because that’s the same move he used to spite Kyrie Irving with a photo of him in bed with Kehlani.

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Splash 

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