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Solange Knowles turned 30 years-old last week and brought in the dirty thirty like only she could—in style.

Along with twelve of her closest friends and family members (including Bey!), Solo spent the weekend in the small town of San Patricio, New Mexico on a 2,200-acre ranch.

Beyonce‘s younger sister put the entire weekend together, all for a very reasonable $2,000.


According to sources, Beyonce and Jay Z flew in for the night to attend the low-key festivities, which featured a pool party and New Orleans-style catering, and to top it all off, Domino’s pizza.


Earlier this week,a fan snuck video footage of Bey chilling with the girls during one of Solo’s bday lunches, and Bey wasn’t pleased.


Ahhh, care free 30-somethings, nothing like it.

Check out some of the photos from the birthday celebration above.


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