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Joe Budden’s taking no prisoners.

The rapper blasts Drake and Meek Mill on his new release “Making A Murderer (Part 1).” The beef stems back to an episode on Joe Budden’s podcast I’ll Name This Podcast Later where he criticized Drake, saying:

“I think that kid on that album (Views) that I heard sounds real f*cking uninspired. That’s what I think. I think that the music is real good. You can’t fool a real ni*ga. That music sounds good and I enjoyed it. 40, you sound amazing, 40 continues to progress. Drake, you do not,” he said.

Drake got wind of the clip, and prepared a clapback on French Montana’s new “MC4” song. French shared a snippet of the song on Snapchat, where Drake can be heard rapping “pump, pump, pump it up,” which is a direct reference to Joe’s most successful song “Pump It Up.”

In the words of Young Thug’s daughter, Joe Budden is “motherf*ckin’ tired.”

But Joe teased the song on Twitter, making it clear he was coming at Drake and Meek on two new songs.

“I’m right here per your request, now you stuck in them shoes/ No alliances with Meek, it’s still fuck him too,” raps Joe. “Before we start, to the fans, I’m uncomfortable too/ Stuck in the booth feelin’ like y’all cause I got love for the dude/ But now my phone blowin’ up, they’re like what I’m gonna do?/ Show the world you shouldn’t poke a man with nothin’ to lose/ All of this just because I wasn’t in love with his Views/ Whatever happened, I just know they got me f*ckin’ confused.

Seems like Joe is way more prepared than Meek Mill ever was, but it’ll be interesting to hear what he has to say about Meek on part two of “Making A Murderer.”

Take a listen to Joe’s diss down under.

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