These classic rap albums will all be 20 years old this year. Click inside to take a trip down memory lane!

Tap in to some of the newest music released this week including singles from Offset, Doja Cat, Muni Long and many more!

It’s already hard to make rank anything from best to worst — but when it comes to rappers, it’s damn near impossible to come up with a list that everyone agrees on. On Monday, The Brew Podcast posted a list of who they think the 50 Greatest Rapper of All Time are, and were bold […]

Anytime something huge goes down in our culture, it’s to be expected that people will have different perspectives and opinions on the matter. We’ve seen the Internet divide into two polarized groups when it comes to huge things like race and politics, and even smaller issues like whether or not we should cancel Kanye. But […] Like us, Cyn Santana has been overjoyed ever since Beyoncé announced her joint tour with husband Jay Z this morning. The reality star shared big plans to go ‘On The Run’ with Jayoncé—from her kitchen—with Joe Budden making guest appearances. We’re not sure if Joe is aware that his time has been volunteered, but […]

Migos have a strained relationship with the hosts of Complex’s Everyday Struggle, Joe Budden, DJ  Akademiks and Nadeska.  Ever since the two groups bumped heads over a misunderstanding during the 2017 BET Awards red carpet, memes, jokes and more beef has continued to fly. Now, it appears Migos are shooting a music video and have hired […]

While their issues don't seem too serious, it doesn't seem like these two will be cool anytime soon.

Ray's advice to the wild boys: "Live it up and get the f*** outta there... you gotta wave the white flag."


As the warm days come to an end, it’s time we look back on the artists who owned the summer. Some made headlines with their game-changing music and others shocked us with candid storytelling.  One rapper used a clever marketing tactic to get his fans involved with promoting his album. Other artists reached life milestones […]

Joe Budden always has an opinion about trending news. When it came to the topic of Usher allegedly giving women herpes, the legendary hater let loose. On Complex’s Everyday Struggle, DJ Akademiks, his co-host, could barley set up the conversation. Just a mention of Usher and herpes, Budden quickly interrupted, “I’m just singing ‘let it […]