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Joe Budden In Concert - October 26, 2010

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It’s already hard to make rank anything from best to worst — but when it comes to rappers, it’s damn near impossible to come up with a list that everyone agrees on.

On Monday, The Brew Podcast posted a list of who they think the 50 Greatest Rapper of All Time are, and were bold enough to put them in order. They had Jay-Z at number one (rightfully so), Nas at number two (no complaints there), but ish got real shakey when they got to number three.

That’s right. The Internet’s own Joe Budden was ranked number three on the list of the 50 Greatest Rappers of All Time.

We love Joe. But does he really rap better than Biggie, Rakim and Ghostface? No way. Folks are so shocked by the trolling list that some have a theory that Joe himself is actually the one who created it.

At least Joe has a sense of humor about all the shade he’s been getting. But let’s be real, he loves this Internet troll ish more than any young clout chaser out here.

But seriously, if you were making a list of the 50 Greatest Rapper Of All Time, where would Joe rank on yours?

@EddieToThe: In regards to that list, @JoeBudden is no doubt in my top five, possibly even top three. It all depends what you look for in an mc. With me, it’s always connecting as a human being. Joe Budden does that far better than most.

Hot 97 Morning Show host Ebro Darden chimed in with his two cents, and even dropped a list of his own. 


A whoooole lot of great emcees, including Andre 3000, are missing from this list. So we’re just gonna take it with a grain of salt, and let Joe have his moment. 


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