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Maxim claims to know everything about women — except how to tell them apart. Especially, when they’re not white. Supermodel Joan Smalls called out the men’s bible for mistaking her for another dusky beauty, Brazilian catwalker Lais Ribeiro.

“Get your sh*t together,” she blasted on Snapchat over the weekend while opening the mag to a photo of Ribeiro captioned with her name, and then to another page with a correctly-captioned photo of Smalls. “Yeah, so you might wanna check that, Maxim,” she advised.

Here’s a helpful guide for Maxim editors. Below, a picture of Lais:

And here’s one of Joan:

Lais is Brazilian, while Joan is from Puerto Rico. Both walked the runway for Victoria’s Secret in 2015, but so did Kendall Jenner and Lily Aldridge, and nobody seems to be mixing them up. Now, to be fair, these two do bear some similarities (mile-long legs, long brown hair and killer abs), but do better next time, Maxim. All it takes is a little closer look, which isn’t hard work considering who we’re talking about.