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Lil Bibby takes snitching pretty serious.

The Chicago rapper sat down with VladTv and admitted that he would never cooperate with the police, even if someone were to shoot his mother. He told Vlad:

“Anything you do with [the police] is snitching, man. You don’t talk to the police. You don’t cooperate with them. I don’t care if somebody shot your momma, I ain’t calling no police. I’m not talking with them. I don’t know nothing. I don’t care if I seen the dude dead in the face [and] know his full name, I’m not telling the police nothing.”

The only time Bibby would cooperate with officials is if someone stole from him and he needed to file a report for insurance purposes. He said, “That’s the only way you should be calling them, if your house get robbed.”

Check out Lil Bibby’s full interview above.

PHOTOCREDIT: Youtube, Getty