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In the wake of the recent killings of Philandro Castile and Alton Sterling, celebrities of all calibers have been denouncing police brutality and injustice.

Today, Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa are the latest mainstream artists to express their disgust with America’s systemic oppression and the unlawful killing of Black people.

Fed up with seeing Black men, women, and children being brutalized by police departments around the country, Chris Brown released a video on Instagram expressing his frustration:

“Yo man something has to give, bro. It just has to. Sh*t is f*cking annoying and disrespectful. We’re getting killed everyday. F*ck this celebrity sh*t. F*ck the jewelry. F*ck me being on stage. F*ck me trying to get y’all to buy albums. I don’t give a f*ck about that sh*t. Us as a people, not even us as black people as a community as a whole – everybody. It has to stop. Motherf*ckers want to take gun laws away…Y’all the motherf*ckers killing us. Y’all asking for proper id and if we show y’all…Man, I’m getting pissed off about this sh*t. Regardless of how you view me or anybody else, us as a people got to come together and make our voice heard. We don’t have to be violent, irate, or belligerent. We can be real articulate humans and get this sh*t together, my n*gga. This sh*t is f*cking horrible and it needs to f*cking stop.”

Wiz Khalifa also released a video on Instagram.

“I don’t understand that in less than 24 hours later another black man can get killed by the police and some people still don’t think we are being targeted and that we are being hunted down. No where else in America that somebody shoot 5 times in a car in front of a baby to kill somebody other than the black communities,” he said.

“It’s hardly even going on in third world countries places where there is war going on. We at civil war right now thats what they telling us. Black people It’s a civil war out there and we are the enemies and they are scared of us,” he continued.

In an effort to provide people with some form of comfort, Chris Brown released two new songs titled, “A Lot of Love” and “My Friend” about injustice and promoting love.

Take a listen to “A Lot of Love” and “My Friend” below.

“My Friend” 

“A Lot of Love” 

SOURCE: Instagram | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

Celebrities React To The Death Of Philando Castile, Who Was Shot & Killed By Police
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