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When the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter first surfaced, some took issue with it and responded with a condescending, history-erasing hashtag of their own, #AllLivesMatter.

Those who are just joining the movement against police brutality in Black communities seem unaware that “All lives matter” started as a way to detract attention from the Black lives that were being gunned down by officers. Clearly, all lives are not of equal importance in America, which is why the Black community birthed #BLM in the first place. Cue, Christina Milian.

The singer, mom, and reality star is under fire after seemingly supporting the #ALM movement. But apparently, she was just trying to express that we all deserve to be treated fairly, and wasn’t knowledgeable about the hashtag’s history.

She quickly explained herself after Twitter came for her neck:

Ultimately, she said her sister had to explain #AllLivesMatter to her. She also said she was attempting to support Black lives, not take away from the movement.

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SOURCE: Twitter | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash News

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