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Diddy and Cassie are known for their on-again-off-again relationship, but this time, things got serious.

According to reports, the couple got in such an explosive argument that the cops ended up at her home. A source revealed that the drama started on Wednesday after they had a heated argument in the car when Cassie told Diddy she wanted to break up. Diddy got upset and grabbed her phone to start scrolling through.

The incident ended with Diddy getting out of the car with the phone as Cassie took off with the driver. Before he came back home to return it, Cassie’s mom had called the cops on him after her daughter told her what happened.

The police showed up and left swiftly, but not before writing up a domestic incident report. The news of the quarrel comes just months after rumors swirled that Cassie had dumped her Bad Boy boyfriend for another guy.


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