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Masika Kalysha has gone through a lot since joining the cast of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.

But the real drama didn’t start for the star until she announced she was expecting her first child with Fetty Wap. Fetty and Masika have gone back and forth on social media about whether or not he’s the father, and suffered even more drama with his other baby mamas.

Masika, who’s also a singer, stopped by The Breakfast Club to dish on everything from meeting Fetty, to who she has and hasn’t smashed in the industry.

When asked about meeting Mr. Trap Queen, Masika revealed:

“I went to the club [next door to my house] and he was performing. I told my girlfriends ‘I’m gonna do a record with him’ and they were like ‘whatever.’ He just walked up to me and was like ‘Hey you’re Masika.’ I said ‘I’d love to pay you for a record.’ He kind of stopped and laughed at me and said he’s never had a woman offer to pay [him for a record]. So we exchanged numbers like that. He ended up spending the whole week with me.”

On the photo she posted of her and Drake:

“We never dated. And that’s the funniest thing because everyone always assumes that we smashed. We were trying to take an Olan Mills picture because we were matching.”

Not so for Fetty Wap, however, who she admitted that she slept with him just one day after meeting him saying, “Honestly, that’s the quickest I’ve ever slept with somebody.”

Masika also dished on what Fetty Wap said in response to the news that she was carrying his child. “He knew the second I knew,” she said in regards to her pregnancy. “When I made my announcement he did say some vomit from his mouth.” She continued that she asked him to take a blood test despite both of them knowing full well that the baby was his. “He didn’t need one, there was never any confusion, never any doubt,” she says.

Check out what else Masika had to say about keeping her “hoes undercover,” Justin Bieber sliding in her DMs, and more in the video above.

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