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It’s not exactly rare when a new artist emerges from California with plans to take the music industry by storm, but Watts’ own Stix stands out from the rest.

The songwriter/producer is not new to the game, but he’s finally beginning to make his way into the spotlight he’s always been destined for. Stix was featured at this year’s Radio One Blitz Showcase, sponsored by Tanqueray, and gave event-goers a taste of what he’s all about.

The singer credits West Coast vets Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre as key influences to his sound and says that his music “represents oppression; the struggle of coming from an area like Watts.”

Although Stix is on the grind, focusing on creating his own legendary songs, he’s not too shy to admit that when it comes to today’s music, he’s definitely a fan of Queen Beyoncé.

Stix is known for teaming with artists like Iggy Azalea and is currently working on his upcoming project MegaWatts: Born In The Riots, set to be released soon. The rising artist believes that “peace, love, truth and freedom” are the keys to a successful life and even more successful career.

Stix’s message for aspiring artists is to “use [the pain of having a difficult upbringing] and channel that energy into something positive. Because I guarantee if you channel it in a positive way, you can make it and become successful.”

Check out our exclusive interview with music’s next one up, Stix.

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