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Jennifer Holliday didn’t come up in the days of the internet, so she’s inexperienced when it comes to warding off trolls.

According to TMZ, the singer pulled the plug on her inauguration performance because people threatened to kill her and her family. Although the Dreamgirls star initially agreed to perform for Donald Trump‘s first presidential ceremony, she changed her mind just as quickly because of all the heat she’s taken from the LGBT community.

A rep for the singer told reporters of the reason Holliday pulled the plug on her inaugural performance: “It was all of those things. She wasn’t scared to perform. She didn’t want to put her family at risk based on the death threats and she also didn’t want to offend the LGBT community which was especially upset that a past ally would perform on a program with President-Elect Donald Trump.”

Jennifer Holliday’s cancellation may be just the thing Trump’s team needed to get them to finally ask his dear friend Kanye West to perform. Thoughts?

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