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Lira Galore has been busy getting her moves in order since her sex tape leaked earlier this week.

After filing a release report and hiring a lawyer to reprimand the people responsible for releasing the old footage, the model took to Instagram to share some advice for other women who’ve gone through what she has.  She posted a photo of her cease and desist letter with the caption wrote, “To all the people that follow me, ESPECIALLY MY GALORE GIRLS. Whether or not you choose to be sexual (on or off camera) it is an entirely different thing to have those moments STOLEN, and EXPLOITED. It’s hard enough being young, and a woman in this society.”

Rick Rossex continued, “DO NOT GO SILENT. And to update all those struggling gossip blogs looking to gain exposure by way of promoting and perpetuating sex crimes. THIS IS NOW AN OPEN FEDERAL CASE.”

It looks like Lira is learning from OG’s that came before her like Amber Rose and Blac Chyna: put some respeck on their names.

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