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One White woman thought it was suitable to call Van Jones a racial slur when critiquing his views on President Trump. If you don’t know her already, meet Ariane Bellamar.

Bellamar — a Playboy Playmate and former model for Trump’s modeling agency — was responding to a statement made by Van Jones praising Trump’s first speech to Congress. Jones insisted that one part of Trump’s speech was “one of the most extraordinary moments you have ever seen in American politics” and he believed Trump “became President of the United States in that moment.”

Van Jones received backlash for his statement, including from Bellamar. However, she used the moment to call Jones something that should never come out of a White person’s mouth. In a tweet, that has since been deleted, she said, “Why is @VanJones68 always playing the house n*gger?! He is smart. Able. Ready. Stand up! Don’t settle for this undefinable nonsense. #RESIST”

It’s unknown if Bellamar was referring to Jones’ statement about Trump’s speech or other statements Jones has made in the past. Either way, it seems she missed the Twitter activist 101 session (or basic Black history lesson) stating that it’s never okay for a White person to use the n-word — even when under the guise of ally-ship.

No worries. Per usual, Twitter came to the rescue to tell Bellamar about herself.

And just in case White people need help deciding if a statement is racist or not, one Twitter user was kind enough to help them out. Be sure to take notes!