Van Jones

The host takes a break from the light fun of her show to talk current events.

One White woman thought it was suitable to call Van Jones a racial slur when critiquing his views on President Trump. If you don’t know her already, meet Ariane Bellamar. Bellamar — a Playboy Playmate and former model for Trump’s modeling agency — was responding to a statement made by Van Jones praising Trump’s first speech […]

These celebrities totally kicked 2016's ass.

A man dressed in a white panda suit set a car on fire and threatened to blow up the Fox News station Thursday in Baltimore, Md.

Prince helped to launch a technology initiative to teach coding to Black youth. An emotional Van Jones said Prince worked generously behind the scenes to uplift African-American youth.

In conversation that spilled into CNN's Wednesday morning broadcast, contributor Van Jones, a former Obama staffer, and Jeffrey Lord, an ardent Donald Trump supporter, engaged in a fiery debate on Super Tuesday about race, the Democratic Party and the Ku Klux Klan.