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Kendall Jenner at 2015 Billboard Awards

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Kendall Jenner‘s home has just been added to the list of the Hollywood Hill heists.

The supermodel is the latest star to have her home broken into and burglarized. TMZ reports, “Kendall left her Hollywood Hills home Wednesday around noon and returned around 8 PM. She was hanging around the house for several hours, and noticed nothing amiss, until she went into her bedroom just after 1 AM and realized some of her jewelry was missing. She called the cops, who responded quickly.”

The site reports that the stolen items are worth $200,000, which the police department would not confirm. Sources say that there was no sign of forced entry, and no suspects have been identified so far. This isn’t the first time Kendall had to deal with a home intruder. Just last August, an alleged stalker followed Kendall up her driveway shortly after she bought the Hollywood Hills home.

After Kim Kardashian traumatic Paris robbery last year, the family is now extremely cautious about every little move they make.

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