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Forever 21 is known for creating affordable, accessible versions of popular high end designs, but Puma certainly isn’t going to let them get away with it.

Puma is suing Forever 21 in federal court, accusing the company of selling copycat versions of shoes from Rihanna’sFenty” label with the brand. According to TMZ, Forever 21 has copied 3 of Puma and Rihanna’s signature designs — the Creeper, the Bow Slide and the Fur Slide. Baller Alert obtained side by side photos of the real versions compared to Forever 21’s items.


Rihanna has been on board as Puma’s Women’s Creative Director and brand ambassador since 2014. In the lawsuit, Puma admits to keeping low inventory on the shoes in order to create demand and buzz for the luxury line of products — and that Forever 21 interferes with this strategy by replicating them.

The sportswear company is suing to immediately shut down sales of the knocked off shoes, and to obtain whatever profits Forever 21 made from them.



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