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Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert are undoubtedly two of the most sought after hip hop artists of their generation. With all that success, comes the pressure to continuously prove that they are “real” rap artists — especially from veteran hip hop heads like Joe Budden.

But artists like Tank are not here for the shaming of young superstars who are different from their predecessors. In a lengthy Instagram post, the singer defended Yachty and Uzi saying, “I’m utterly disgusted!! I’ve never seen so many grown black men speak out against young black kids fighting to earn a living in this already difficult world! Yes they’re different but so was MJ and Prince! Y’all still celebrate those men highly with no thought to their differences.” See Tank’s rant below:

Tank’s rant comes just weeks after Lil Yachty and Joe Budden’s now infamous debate about the current state of hip hop — with artists like Uzi and Yachty leading the pack. Waka Flocka also spoke out about the young rapper’s style, saying that he considers them to be more “rock stars” than rappers. S

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