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History has shown us that Skai Jackson is not one to be played with. But people should especially reserve their jokes when it comes to something as serious as a terrorist attack.

On Twitter, someone had the nerve to post a photo of Jackson along with the comment, “My sister is missing in the concert haven’t heard of her please contact me #Manchester #RoomForManchester.”  See below:

Supposedly, someone was trying to come for Jackson, claiming her as irrelevant? If this was the goal, the joke was an epic fail and completely insensitive to the devastating explosions that happened in Manchester, England — explosions that have reportedly claimed 22 lives.

Jackson agreed that the joke was in horrible taste, tweeting, “This isn’t even funny…why make a joke of this?”

Authorities are still investigating the explosions that followed an Arianna Grande concert on Monday. So far, police are treating it as a “terrorist incident.”

Grande has already spoken up following the tragedy, tweeting “broken. from the bottom of my heart, I am so sorry. I don’t have words.”

The story is still developing, but hopefully people will be more considerate (or just plain human) on social media during a horrific terrorist attack.