A dance trend soundtracked by Guy's "I Like" has captivated the world, especially TikTok. Click inside to learn more about the viral challenge and see some videos of your favorite celebrities participating.

Here's a gallery then and now of the young superstar and a look at how much she's grown. Happy 19th Birthday, Skai!

Skai Jackson's most recent performance on 'Dancing with the Stars' earned her the top score of the season.

We now live in a time when it’s ok to use Black people slang, rock their hairstyles and copy their fashion trends — but it’s not okay to be Black. It’s extremely evident in the media today, with celebrities like the Kardashians cash croppin’ on cornrows and full voluptuous bodies that Black women are often […]

History has shown us that Skai Jackson is not one to be played with. But people should especially reserve their jokes when it comes to something as serious as a terrorist attack. On Twitter, someone had the nerve to post a photo of Jackson along with the comment, “My sister is missing in the concert […]

New Girl star Zoeey Deschanel hit Conan earlier this week and talked about that time Prince was on her hit series.