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We come against the enemy in Black Jesus name!

Skai Jackson has reportedly taken legal action again white rapper Danielle Bregoli, a.k.a. Bhad Bhabie, because SKAI DOESN’T HAVE TIME.

According to TMZ, 17-year-old Jackson filed a restraining order against Bhabie in L.A. on Thursday. The actions come after Bhabie threatened to kill Jackson over some ALLEGED fake Instagram account Jackson created.

“Don’t go post about me on your fake page, b*tch. If you got something to say about me, post it on your page,” Bhabie ranted in an Instagram Live video. “Show me you fu**ing bold! The b*tch got me blocked on Instagram, blocked on Twitter, all type of sh*t. Like b*tch, grow up! That sh*t don’t sit right with me. That sh*t don’t sit right with me at all.”

“You don’t even know if I’m talking to dude or not,” Bhabie continued, referring to a rapper (possibly NBA YoungBoy) she may or may not be talking to. “You just seen us on The Shade Room so now you wanna go run and like his pictures. B*tch I’ll kill you!”

Bhabie’s anger eventually reached Jackson’s mom, Kiya Cole, and she eventually clapped back on Instagram, telling Bhabie, “Let me tell you something little girl! I’m definitely not the one to be played with! Don’t come on my damn page with your trashy negativity! How about you just put your address or phone number in my DM and I will gladly have the conversation with your mother. I’m NOT having it! Take this sh*t somewhere else and leave my damn daughter alone.”

The whole ordeal eventually led to Cole arguing with Bhabie’s mom, Barbara Bregoli, and threatening to “stomp a mudhole” in her “sloppy ass.”

The whole thing was a big mess.

But as mentioned earlier, Jackson has zero time. The same day as all the drama, she tweeted, “Book doing pretty well. Finalizing makeup deal. Shopping treatment to major studios & producers. Working on speech for Ted Talk. Going over scripts. Recording Netflix animated series. Vlogging for my YouTube channel. Hosting 18,000 youth for We Day. No time 4 negatives!”

Restraining order it is!

TMZ says they’ve obtained the legal documents but it’s not clear whether a judge has approved the order.

Meanwhile, keep making moves Skai!