The once shamelessly trifling Becky wishes she could smack her younger self: “Something was wrong with me.”

Someone needs to put this toddler on time out.

Bhad Bhabie (a.k.a. Cash Me Outside Girl) is never one to hold back her opinion. Now that she’s nominated for a Billboard Music Award for Top Rap Female Artist (yes, you read right), she’s definitely letting her words fly, even if they’re about her fellow nominees. TMZ approached Bhabie recently and asked her who she […]

Bhad Bhabie aka The Cash Me Outside Girl caught her fellow IG Comedians WoahVicky and Lil Tay outside and got into a fight. Woah Vicky and Lil Tay were online talking a lot of trash but when Bhad Bhabie caught them outside it appeared to be a different story. The Hi Bitch recording artist ran […]