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Rapper Bhad Bhabie (Danielle Bregoli) arrives at the Los Angeles Premiere Of Entertainment Studios' '47 Meters Down Uncaged' held at the Regency Village Theatre on August 13, 2019 in Westwood, Los Angeles, California, United States.

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Bhad Bhabie should just delete her social media in like….five minutes because the 17-year-old rapper keeps digging herself into a deeper and deeper hole.

On Tuesday, Instagram Live footage spread across the Internet of Bhabie addressing accusations that she’s trying to act like she’s Black. In the midst of her explanation, she thought it was a good idea to compare herself to the fictional character Tarzan, who was raised in an African jungle by apes.

“And then another thing I’d like to say is, y’all say that I try to be Black because I…and maybe a reason in me trying to be Black is ’cause I grew up in the hood. Tarzan, right? The story of Tarzan,” Bhabie said in a screen recording of her live stream before the video abruptly ended.


Although the clip was only 15 seconds, it was just enough to rightfully outrage social media.

“TRYNA CREATE AN ANALOGY USING TARZAN??? TARZAN??” wrote one user. “She really thinks black people are APES OH GOD.”

WAIT…did she just compare growing up in the hood with BLACK people to Tarzan growing up with GORILLAS??” wrote another user. “Is she saying the black people are like wild gorillas??”

Even white people called out the racist analogy.

“Bhad Bhabie compared her acting black because she ‘grew up in the hood’ to Tarzan being raised by gorillas??? Man,” wrote one user.


It was a mess.

And Bhabie made her comments just when it seemed like the smoke was starting to settle from her public spat with actress Skai Jackson, whom Bhabie threatened to kill in an Instagram Live video. Jackson’s appropriate response was reportedly a restraining order.

It’s unfortunate that an adult isn’t sitting Bhabie down and breaking down her white privilege, but tis the entertainment industry.

You can check out more critiques of Bhabie from people of all shades below.











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