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Celebrities At The Los Angeles Clippers Game

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Everyone knows how hard Rihanna goes for LeBron James, but the bad gal took things to another level on Thursday.

During game one of the 2017 NBA finals, Rih was just like any other excited basketball fan: beefing with the fans, distracting broadcasters and even taunting Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant. The proud Cleveland Cavaliers fan (or fan of any team that LeBron plays for) reportedly yelled “BRICKKK” at KD during a free throw shot.

After reports surfaced that Durant gave the Rih Rih the evil eye multiple times during the game, the NBA star said he has no recollection of that:


Rihanna definitely made her presence known throughout the entire game, even though the Warriors beat the Cavs with 113 – 91. She even dabbed at someone who reportedly told her to sit down.

But she couldn’t leave the arena without showing love to her boy, King James. During the game, she was caught bowing to the Cavs star and after the game, Rihanna clapped back at an LJ hater saying, “It doesn’t matter, b***h. The King is still the King!”

Gotta love, Rih.

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