See how social media reacted to the blowout, and watch LeBron play peek-a-boo with daughter Zhuri before the game.

After being asked “what happened” during a crucial point of Sunday’s Game 1 loss, LeBron gave a flawless play-by-play recap off the dome.

LeBron cracks back with an unexpected “Yo Mama” joke when the arena is silent.

The “Get Out” actor remembers the time Kyrie Irving learned about being trade from Cleveland to Boston on the set of “Uncle Drew.”

Everyone knows how hard Rihanna goes for LeBron James, but the bad gal took things to another level on Thursday. During game one of the 2017 NBA finals, Rih was just like any other excited basketball fan: beefing with the fans, distracting broadcasters and even taunting Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant. The proud Cleveland Cavaliers […]

News reports say Shump was arrested in Georgia on suspicion of driving under the influence last month.