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Trey Songz Performs At The Novo By Microsoft

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A Wayne County judge is going hard on Trey Songz for his alleged assault and battery of a police officer.

Back in December 2016, Trigga was performing in Detroit when one of his microphones cut out. Video from fans in the crowd showed Songz get agitated before hurling equipment from the stage. Detroit performances can’t go past a certain time due to a city curfew, but Songz did not want to end his set. A microphone stand allegedly hit a Detroit police officer. After the show, Songz allegedly resisted arrest while in his dressing room.

Now, with an assault and battery of a police officer charge, the judge is allowing video of Trey Songz saying “F*ck the police” into evidence. According to WXYZ Detroit, some of this video wasn’t even taken on the day of Songz’s arrest. It was taken five days earlier.

Prosecutors argue the video demonstrates Songz’s disrespect for police authority, while Songz’s defense says the video only shows Trigga reciting the popular N.W.A song, “F*ck tha Police.”

“The issue isn’t whether he said ‘f*** the police,’ recited an N.W.A rap song or anything else,” Songz’s attorney said. “The question is whether he resisted arrest and obstructed a police officer causing an injury. In the particular video he’s not even resisting.”

Judge Lawrence Talon also admitted into evidence a booking image from Songz where he allegedly holds up his middle finger.

The trial is set to start in September.