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Suge Knight

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Suge Knight is still in prison and still putting on a show during his court appearances.

TMZ reports that on Thursday, the former Death Row CEO was more talkative than usual in court as he begged the judge to let him talk to all his lawyers and complained that without access to his full team, he won’t be able to adequately prepare for trial. However, the judge made it clear that he doesn’t have the power to unleash his full legal team, another judge has to do that.

You may recall, Suge has been locked up since January of 2015, after being accused of murder and assault. As for his restrictions while behind bars, a judge has placed severe limitations on Suge, due to his infamous criminal past, and his gang associations, which authorities claim have put the entire jail at risk. His murder trial is scheduled to start on January 8, 2018.

Check out footage of Suge Knight’s recent court appearance above.

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